Elementary School



New School Year Starts with a ROAR!

It was stadium loud in the MPR on Thursday afternoon as music blared Katy Perry’s song “Roar” and students finally coaxed a shy lion into a dancing one that they learned had a name: ROARY the Lion. And best of all, he was OUR Lion, the new SJS school mascot. Why ROARY for a name? […]


Middle School Dedicates New Wing

With a snip of a blue ribbon and a blessing, Monsignor Paul Cook, pastor of St. Joseph Parish, today welcomed St. Joseph School middle school students to the 2014-2015 school year — and to a new wing that includes an original mural and two student lounges. A year in the planning as part of a […]


New School Logo Debuts on Uniforms

Look what has begun to arrive! Thanks to Dennis Uniforms for making our new school logo such a stand-out on newly ordered uniform apparel. In the accompanying photo, the school crest is shown on the new middle school blue oxford shirt for boys. Please remember that either the former triangle logo or the new logo […]

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Busy Start Exciting for Principal Schaub and Assistant Principal Paetow

With their administrative team just weeks old, new Principal Kathy Schaub and Assistant Principal Janine Paetow are very excited about their new roles and the many things to look forward to in upcoming school year. As assistant principal for the past 18 years, Mrs. Schaub brings a wealth of experience to her leadership position including […]