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Parish Council

Elections for the 2018–2019 parish council have concluded. Our parish council assists the pastor in the life and mission of the parish through deliberation and consultation. Members discuss the parish’s Strategic Plan and recommend policies and programs to fulfill our mission as Church in light of the parish’s social, economic, cultural diversity, and resources.

2018-2019 Parish Council Members

Matthew DobsonMember-at-Large, Chair
Jason Roos*Member-at-Large, Vice Chair
Marah Radcliffe*Member-at-Large, Communications Secretary
Celia McGrainMember-at-Large, Recording Secretary
Laura BeelanMember-at-Large
Steve SproulMember-at-Large
Alicia MatesaMember-at-Large
Greg Szymaszek*Member-at-Large
Paul Swinski*Member-at-Large
Rick Pierce*Member-at-Large
Adrienne Walicki Tate**Appointed Member
Pat BennettChair, Management and Planning Committee
Peg Friel***Chair, Liturgy Committee
Jennifer DesiChair, Children and Youth Committee
Thea PrettymanChair, Community Outreach Committee
Anna MartinezHispanic Ministry Representative
Betty MilwiczChair, Pastoral Care Committee
Msgr. Rick HilgartnerPastor
John MojzisekPastoral Associate for Mission and Planning
* newly elected
** appointed member
*** newly elected committee chair