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The Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Dear Friends:
Finding rest is often a challenge, especially in
today’s world of instant communication at any time
and place. Even when we try to get away, we are
still connected, which means there are expectations
still hanging over our heads (or at least we perceive
it that way) and so we never really manage to find
that place where we can truly rest. Even Jesus
had difficulty getting away, as crowds followed
him and always wanted to hear him speak and to
witness his mighty deeds. He understands the
pressure we place on one another and ourselves,
and his invitation, “Come to me, all who labor
and are burdened, and I will give you rest” sounds
quite inviting. Of course there is more here than
a tropical beach or a hammock in the shade. He
is inviting us to recognize and accept a whole
different way of life oriented toward heaven. For
now, however, take Jesus’ words to heart and seek
opportunities to REST. Rest includes quiet time
so that we can listen and talk to the Lord in prayer
more effectively. Let these summer days be an
opportunity to reconnect with the Lord (especially
as you might find time to DISconnect from some
other demands and obligations!).
This week I will be participating in the 40th
National Convention of the National Association
of Pastoral Musicians in Cincinnati, Ohio. Though
my tenure as President concluded earlier this year, I
am still a member of the Board of Directors. More
than 2,000 church musicians, clergy, and liturgists
will gather to pray, study, sing, learn, and hopefully
have some fun together. I will be presenting the
opening keynote address on Monday, and will be
serving as one of the presenters at the Pastoral
Liturgy Institute (consisting of six sessions during
the course of the convention) Dr. Trapp, our
Director of Liturgy and Music, will be participating
as a presenter, and Holly Foster, our Assistant
Director of Music, will be attending as a participant
in the Pastoral Liturgy Institute. Next year the
convention will be held here in Baltimore, and Dr.
Trapp is serving as one of the convention co-chairs.
Stay tuned for more information on that, including
opportunities to get involved!
God’s peace to you this week,