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The Most Holy Trinity

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Dear Friends:

Celebrating the “idea” of the Holy Trinity in this weekend’s feast, we come face to face with the mystery of God. At the most basic level we all acknowledge the nature of God as a Trinity of Persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) in our prayer and in the Liturgy: we make the sign of the cross, we profess the faith in the Creed, and we know how to pray “Through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with [the Father] in the unity of the Holy Spirit.” It is too easy, however, simply to treat the Trinity as an abstraction or as a concept that has no real bearing on our lives. As Christians, however, the Trinity is at the heart of our EXPERIENCE of God who is almighty and powerful and at the same time intimately present with his merciful love and abiding presence. I like to say that we need both aspects of God in our own lives. It is certainly difficult to understand the mystery of the nature of God, we do give thanks that God has created us and chosen to call us into relationship with him in the community of the Church.

While Memorial Day weekend tends to lead us into summer vacation mode, let us not forget what it actually commemorates. Join us on Monday at the 8:30 am Mass for the observance of Memorial Day as we remember those who gave their lives in service of our nation. We give thanks for their selflessness in the cause of peace as they laid down their lives.

Thanks to all, especially to the members our parish and school staff, who made our community picnic such an enjoyable and fun time this past Thursday. I am so encouraged by the experience of coming together as a community as we see our growth and are challenged to serve the Lord together in love.

Best wishes to all as we head into the final weeks of school and into summer vacation mode!

God’s peace,

Fr. Rick