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The Nativity of St. John the Baptist

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Dear Friends:

Celebrating the birth of John the Baptist this weekend brings us together to celebrate beginnings. At John’s birth, his family and friends recognized that something significant and special was going on, though they had no idea what, and they were left to wonder, “What will this child be?” The unknown can be unsettling and to be feared, but it can also be exciting as we open our hearts to what is possible. Our faith in Jesus often elicits a combination of responses— of fear and trust, of frustration and joy—because we don’t know for certain where the Lord is leading us or what he is asking of us. As we celebrate the Baptist this weekend, see the call to be open to the possibilities that God’s power and mercy present to us. “Do not be afraid,” but trust that the Lord will provide for all that we need!

This weekend we are happy to welcome Seminarian Daniel Andrades, who is spending the summer with us at Saint Joseph as part of his formation. Daniel just completed his first year of studies at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg.

This week we welcome nearly 150 of our young children to our annual Vacation Bible School! There will be a lot of energy and excitement throughout the week as our children come together to pray, learn more about their faith, and have a great time together. Let us pray for our children to be open to God’s Word, and for our many teen and adult volunteers who are giving of their time to teach and to witness to the presence of God in their own lives!

Let us also pray for one another in our parish community. The next few weeks will be filled with a mix of emotions as we prepare to say farewell to Father Carlos as he moves on to his new assignment at Christ the King Parish in Glen Burnie, and to offer a hearty congratulations and welcome to Father John Martinez as he celebrates his first Mass this weekend and will soon join us as our new Associate Pastor. Service in the Church has always been about a certain mobility, as even the Apostles in the early Church were “on the move.” This difficult reality is a reminder to us as priests that we are always following the Lord, who is always leading us and sending us.

God’s peace,

Fr. Rick