Health Ministry

Health Ministries

For more information, please call Ann Marie Labin, R.N., Pastoral Associate for Health Ministry/Parish Nurse at 410-683-0600 Option 1, or e-mail

What is a Parish Nurse? A professional Nurse and a Pastoral Associate, the Parish Nurse understands health to be dynamic, embodying the spiritual, psychological, physical, and social dimensions of the person. The Parish Nurse is a friend in healthcare; one who can help those of all ages better understand their health conditions and medications, and navigate the health system.
A Parish Nurse is:

•  A Counselor, Discussing health issues with individuals, making home, hospital, and nursing home visits as need.

•  An Advocate, working with parishioners, the faith community, and primary health resources to provide what is best for the parishioner. The Parish nurse enables individuals and families to have their questions, concerns and fears alleviated. The Parish Nurse may find facilitators for groups interested in health issues of body, mind, or spirit.

•  A Referral Agent/Liaison, providing resources from the Diocese, the Parish, and the community.

•  An Educator, fostering an atmosphere where all may explore the relationship between values, attitudes, lifestyle, faith, and health.

Regular Meetings

Health Ministry Committee meets every other month on the third Monday of every other month in the Parish Center at 7 pm in room #2B.


Intercessory Prayer Groups

Monday Morning Women’s Prayer Group
Monday mornings in room #2 of the Parish Center from 9:15 am to 10:30 am. For more information call Kathy Sullivan at 410-252-6149. All Women are welcome to join!

Thursday Evening Prayer Group
Meets in the Parish Center Room #1 at 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. For more information contact Sylvia Spring at 410-666-3041. Men and women welcome to join at anytime.


Prayer Shawl and Lap Blanket Ministry
Volunteers knit or crochet prayer shawls or lap blankets for parishioners experiencing illness, injury, grieving a loss, chemo therapy, hospice, or hospitalization. The volunteers pray for the recipients of the shawl or lap blanket as they are making each stitch. Some shawls and blankets are also made for happy celebrations. Our Ministry has partnered with the St. Joseph Medical Center to provide them with prayer shawls and lap blankets. This ministry meets each Thursday evening in room #1 of the Parish Center from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  For more information, please call Ann Marie Labin, R.N., Pastoral Associate for Health Ministry/Parish Nurse at 410-683-0600 Option 1, or e-mail



Ministry of Prayer

Volunteers receive a monthly mailing of prayer requests, which they include in their daily prayers. Please write all prayer requests on the provided prayer request note sheets at Mary’s Altar in the Church and place them in a box provided, or click on the “Request a Prayer” link on the main page of the parish website. For more information call Maureen Clark at 410-683-0600.

Ranger Rosary Ministry
Volunteers make Ranger Rosaries for Armed Forces Soldiers in harm’s way. As they are making the rosaries, they are praying for the soldiers and their families. Completed Rosaries are sent with a St. Michael the Archangel Prayer card and a “How to Pray the Rosary Prayer Card.” Some of the rosaries are also sent with notes from parishioners making the rosaries or other parishioners. The Ministry has received generous donations to purchase the supplies to make the rosaries and to mail them to Chaplains in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Prison Rosary Ministry
Rosaries are made and distributed to those incarcerated in local detention centers.

The Labyrinth
This meditative prayer tool is available for parishioners or groups.
The Labyrinth is a 30-foot portable “Chartres design” Labyrinth.

Service Ministries

Current Health Information and Blood Pressure Screenings
Offered at Fellowship Sunday and during the week in the Parish Office (by appointment)

Follow-Up Calls

to parishioners after hospital discharge.

Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound and/or Recuperating

Volunteers bring Eucharist to parishioners at homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior housing facilities, and for those in hospice.

Handyman Service

Volunteers can make minor repairs or install safety equipment in the homes of the elderly or infirmed. Volunteers can also assist senior and/or infirmed parishioners with small projects and errands

Hospital Visitations
Parish Staff members will attempt to visit parishioners in local hospitals. (Due to HIPAA guidelines, please notify the Parish Office to ensure we are aware of you or your loved one’s hospitalization.)

Masses of Anointing

are offered at least three times throughout the year.
(Usually in October, February, and June on Sunday at 3 pm.)

Medical Equipment Donation and Distribution
Unneeded medical items are collected and distributed to those in need of the equipment.

Transportation Ministry
Volunteers help parishioners get to medical appointments, Parish events and Liturgies.

Visually Impaired Ministry
Book cart of books on cassette tape or CD, as well as movies on DVD and VCR tape is available in room #3 of the Parish Center.

Wounded Warriors Ministry

Collection of items needed for injured military soldiers hospitalized in Germany.

Blood Drives
The Parish hosts 3 or 4 Blood Drives annually. For more information call Ann and Walt Brooksbank at 410-628-7461

Prayer Support Services

Card Ministry
Cards are sent to parishioners who are discharged from the hospital to remind them they are in our prayers.

Ministry of Consolation

Cards are sent to parishioners who are grieving the loss of a loved one periodically throughout the first year or so to remind them they are in our prayers.

Queen of Peace Rosary Ministry
Volunteers visit those who are homebound or recuperating to pray the rosary with them monthly.

Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study Group
Contact Barbara Sutton for information at 410-828-6597