Religious Education

In order to help our youth develop a strong and lasting relationship with God, our Parish Religious Education Programs minister to those students who attend public school or private schools where our Catholic Faith is not taught.

Religious Education Faith Formation classes are offered weekly from September to May.


Children with Special Needs ~ We welcome all God’s children to learn about how much God loves them.  If your child has a developmental disability which keeps him or her from participating in a “regular” classroom setting, please contact Marie Lybolt.

 A Nursery for children 6 months to age 4 is provided year-round during the Sunday 9:00am and 10:30am Masses.  The Nursery is located in the Lower Level of the Multipurpose Room Building.  Enter through the door on the lower level parking lot at the back of the school.

Summer Bible Camp is a fun-filled week held the end of June for children age 4 through grade 6.  We count on our dedicated volunteers who offer time and talents to help bring the knowledge and love of God to our parish children.  A nursery is provided for the younger children of our volunteers.

For more information, contact Marie Lybolt (Director of Religious Education): or 410-683-0600, ext. 2402