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Date Night

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Couples Date Night

Saturday, October 20 | 5-8 pm | Joe’s Cafe

Live Music, Inspirational Speaker, Dinner and Drinks

Free child care in the MPR with pizza, movie, and games.

Dr. Fosarelli from the Ecumenical Institute will join us to teach about the faith development of the family and how we can help our children in times of crisis.
Just as healthy children develop in certain predictable ways, so do healthy families. In this presentation, the spiritual and emotional development of families will be explored, starting from newlyweds without children to a family with children of various ages.

If it is hard for adults to hear certain news stories, how much harder it is for children! Parents try to shield their children from horrific news stories, but children hear about such stories from friends and through electronic media. In this presentation, how to speak to children about highly charged news stories will be discussed.