RCIA Resources

Resources for those who are interested in Catholicism; in becoming Catholic.

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RCIA Schedule with Session Topics     Click here.

RCIA Session Materials

1.  Welcome, Introduction, and Our Faith Story.   Click here for topic slides.

2.  Who are we?  Faith Fundamentals.   Click here for topic slides.

3.  Why am I here?   Click here for topic slides.

4.  Bible Overview.   Click here for topic slides.

5.  Introduction to the Mass & Church Tour.    Click here for topic slides.

6.  Jesus the Christ.     Click here for slides.    Handout.

7.  A Life of Prayer.    Click here for slides.    Peaceful meditations.

8.  Who is God?  The Trinity & the Holy Spirit.  Click here for slides.    Opening prayer.

9.  Sin.    Topic slides.

10. Salvation History.    Topic slides.

11.  Mary.

12.  Sacraments of Initiation.    Topic slides.

13.  Sacraments of Healing and Service.   Topic slides.

14.  Creeds.    Topic slides.

15. Church and Communion of Saints.   Topic slides.

16.  Moral Law.   Topic slides.   Baltimore Immigration Letter.   Erie Immigration Letter.

17.  Eucharist & Mass.

18.  Catholic Social Teaching.   Topic slides.

19.  The Rosary.   Topic slides.

20.  Stations of the Cross.   Topic slides.

21.  Church History.   Topic slides.

22.  Reconciliation.

23.  Church Hierarchy.   Topic slides.

24.  Ministries.   Lector Ministry.   Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

25.  Celebration Mass.