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The Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Dear Friends:

The two readings this weekend carry the theme of a calling or vocation. For us, as Christians, these two words are important — important because they should be part of our entire life. We are called by God to enter into a personal relationship with Him. We are called by Christ to know Him and to follow Him. Moreover, we are called by Christ to go out and make Him known to others.

We all share the calling of being disciples of Christ. We all share a calling to be Saints. But we are also called to something unique. We are called to our own vocation in life. This word scares many people, just as Isaiah and Peter became afraid when God asked them to do something specific.

This word “vocation” should not scare us. As disciples, we are all called to do something unique to make Christ known. We are called to use our gifts and our talents to help others encounter the person WE have encountered. I define the word vocation as a Voice Or Call [from the] Almighty To Individuals Or Nations.

Your vocation in life has already been given to you. Your responsibility is to ask the Lord to reveal it to you, and for you to accept it. Our responsibility is also to acknowledge that, even through our brokenness, the Lord brings us and others to salvation.

Isaiah was called to be a prophet. Peter, James, John, and the sons of Zebedee were called to be Apostles. Others have been called to be martyrs, priests, and consecrated religious sisters and brothers. And many have discerned their vocation to the single life or to the married life.

What is your vocation? Will you accept it? Are you willing to find out what true happiness is?

Have a blessed week,

Fr. John