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The Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Dear Friends:

We continue to reflect on the Bread of Life discourse from chapter six in the Gospel of John. In this chapter, Jesus reveals Himself as the Bread of Life sent down from heaven. This statement or declaration by Jesus makes many of those who were listening to Him uncomfortable. The reason for this discomfort was their familiarity with Him and His parents. They could not grasp the idea that He was sent by God the Father to the world. For them, Jesus was only the child that Joseph and Mary received in their marriage.

Their questions and doubts serve us as an example. When we are familiar with other people or even with situations, we think we know everything there is to know about that person or the situation. But there are always some revelations that take us by surprise. This makes us understand that we are not as familiar as we thought we were with the person or situation.
Our familiarity with the celebration of the Eucharist can sometimes blindfold us and not allow us to see the beauty of this celebration and the beauty of coming together as a community to share the Word, Body, and Blood of Christ. There is nothing wrong with being familiar with the celebration of the Eucharist. There is nothing wrong with being familiar with Scripture. What is not appropriate is to let this familiarity restrain us to what we already think we know, and not allow us to receive something new from that with which we are already familiar.

Blessings this week,

Fr. John