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The Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Dear Friends:

Jesus’ message to us this weekend is pretty clear, though it may be hard to accept: give it all you’ve got and don’t hold anything back. There will be risks involved, but the decision to follow Jesus, like any choice, means letting go of something else. But it also comes with its benefits and rewards, not the least of which is the promise of heaven. When things get difficult, which they inevitably will, keep in mind the gift of Jesus’ presence in your life and how his grace helps you through those very difficulties.

This summer, in consultation with our Management and Planning Committee and upon the suggestion of a number of consultants, I worked with the pastoral staff to re-organize our entire staff into working groups. It is our hope this will build even better teamwork.
We are busy preparing for a new season of faith formation. Growing one’s relationship with Jesus and learning about the faith is not just for children and youth; rather, each of us, at every point in life, has the opportunity to learn something and to grow closer to the Lord. This year we are kicking off ALPHA as an opportunity to take a step forward with Jesus. No matter where you are with the Lord, the ALPHA sessions provide information and an environment to ask questions about your faith. ALPHA will be held on Wednesday evenings beginning at the end of September. You can be an evangelizer too… feel free to bring a friend or neighbor who might be curious about the Church!

God’s Peace,

Fr. Rick