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Are you considering becoming a Catholic?

Every year adults and older children/youth are welcomed into the Catholic Community at the Easter Vigil after participating in a formation process called the (RCIA) Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. In this Journey of Faith, you come to a better knowledge of Jesus Christ and a deeper desire for a relationship with him by learning to pray, reflecting on scripture and participating in the worship life of the church.

This short video provides a basic overview of the Christian initiation process, answers
questions of those seeking to be baptized, and includes personal reflections of those recently baptized.

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Come and see what it is like to live as a Catholic.

I did.  My name is Joe Liberto.  You may know me. I’m on the staff at St. Joseph’s.  You may have seen me around the parish.  I grew up in Cockeysville and my father, Bob Liberto, has been a member of this parish since the late 70’s when my parents moved to Cockeysville from West Baltimore.

When I joined the staff in the late 1990’s, I came to St. Joseph with my Dad, but I wasn’t Catholic.  Perhaps like you, I loved that I could share with my father the mystery and the experience of the Mass.  I always felt a missing link with the Church.  I believed in the faith, but I wanted to be part of the community and be able to participate fully in the Mass and in all of the sacraments.

Over the next year, I studied the Catechism, talked to Priests, and went to classes at St. Joseph.

I still remember the indescribable feeling I had at the Easter vigil that year.  I will never forget it.  Joining St. Joseph was one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever done.

If you are interested in more information about the program, you can call Marie Lybolt through the office, at (410) 683 – 0600.  You can also call me at the same number.  I’d love to talk, and I’d love to answer your questions.