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Parish Council Elections

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The parish will be electing five (5) at-large members of the parish council for a two-year term. The five candidates who receive the most votes are elected.
Voting will take place over three weekends: May 11–12, May 18–19, and May 25–27.
Parishioners over the age of 18 can vote by submitting a paper ballot at church or online at the parish website,

The candidates are:

Pat Caudle
I am seeking election to Parish Council in order to play an active role in planning the future of the parish. Our family has been part of the St. Joseph Parish community since 1987. During this time, each of us has served as volunteers in parish ministries. For my part, I have served as a Eucharistic Minister, Lector, Catechist, Confirmation Advisor, and Music Minister. I have also served as president of the SJS Home School Association, chairperson of the Liturgy Committee, and as a trainer and scheduler of Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers. In my professional career, I have worked extensively in the areas of Medical Practice Management, Revenue Reimbursement, and Social Services in both the public and private sectors. I view the forward direction of the parish to be exciting and challenging. I believe the knowledge and experience acquired in my professional career, coupled with that gained through volunteer activities, will enable me to serve effectively as a member of Parish Council.

Dave Culotta
My wife, Julie, and I have been parishioners at St. Joseph Parish since 2018. Despite our short tenure within the St. Joseph community, we have quickly found a home and a welcoming community of faith in which to raise our four children: Adelyn (7), Cooper (5), Camden (2) and Grace (one month). In addition to our role as parishioners, Cooper is a pre-K student at St. Joseph School and Julie recognizes a dual full-time role in music ministry split between the school, where she teaches pre-K to 8th grade music, and the Church, where she regularly cantors the 9 am mass and coordinates the youth music program. As a couple in our mid-thirties with four young children, we strive to keep our family rooted in faith despite the societal norms around us, the significant obligations recognized through our career commitments, and the many other constant distractions that tend to present themselves on a daily basis. In a continuously connected world driven by work email, Facebook feeds, twitter posts, and constant text messages, it is easy for today’s young families to take the perceived easier route and put on hold their desire and need for a more deeply formed relationship with God and the Church. I am running for Parish Council to be a clear voice for young families and all members of the parish community as we look to continue to build opportunities that not only welcome and invite families to walk in faith with our community but to keep them engaged at every step along their journey. While I too recognize a background in music education, I currently serve as a financial services professional for a trade credit insurance company located in Hunt Valley. I hold an MBA from Loyola University Maryland with a concentration in Finance and I am an active CFA chartholder. I hope to have the opportunity to pair my passion for faith and ministry with my professional skill set to serve the parish community as a member of the Parish Council.

Matthew Dobson
We raised our family at St. Joseph. The worship and activities we shared here are a deep part of my family’s collective memory and lie at the core of our bond with each other. I’ve spent 8 years as a Confirmation Advisor and have worked with our Boy Scout Troop as well. This year’s launch of the new elements of the Confirmation preparation program (led by Chris Wesley) has been particularly rewarding. We have a wonderful group of confirmandi who will receive the Sacrament next month. It’s been my honor to have served on the Council for the past two years. During this time, the Council has done terrific work moving the Parish’s Strategic Plan forward. We want to be a welcoming Parish that offers a deep, authentic Catholic experience and that serves as a beacon of faith to our whole community. We have a lot more work to do! I look forward to supporting the growth of our hospitality ministries and our community outreach. I hope you will join me – in any way you can- in supporting the wonderful spiritual energy growing at St. Joseph. Thanks!

Erin Hays
I am very excited about the opportunity to become a part of the Parish Council because I am extremely interested in the well-being and growth of our parish. My husband and I have been coming to Mass at St. Joseph since the early 2000s, and we became registered members shortly after beginning our time here attending mass. Our two children, Cameron and Madeline, ages 14 and 12, were baptized here and have attended St. Joseph School since they were in kindergarten. This parish has played such an important role in how we have raised and are continuing to raise our children! I strongly believe in the mission of our parish and am hopeful to be part of its continued success and growth going forward. Personally, I was not baptized Catholic, but after attending Catholic mass for many years, and a great deal of personal reflection, I made the decision to go through the RCIA program in 2012. This decision was one of the most important decisions that I have ever made, as becoming Catholic felt like the missing “puzzle piece” in my life, as it has allowed my relationship with God to fully flourish ever since. I became a member of the RCIA committee in 2017 and served on the committee for two years. I feel that St. Joseph Parish is such an important part of our local community and has such potential for continued growth and expansion. I am a teacher at a local elementary school and am highly aware of the connection of our parish with families in the greater Cockeysville community. I am hopeful to be a valuable member of the team that works to promote our wonderful parish!

Brendan Lynch
My family and I have been parishioners at St. Joseph since 2015. Since joining the parish, I have been able to strengthen my faith by staying active throughout the community and listening to the Lord’s word. My family and I truly look forward to attending mass on Sunday’s to take time to reflect, pray, and show gratitude for all the blessings we have. My kids certainly enjoy their Sunday donuts in Joe’s cafe as well. I hope to be able to serve the community at St. Joseph by continuing to listen and learn from the community on what our parish needs in order to flourish. This would be an honor to serve on the council and I hope to bring continued faith and an open mind to the leadership.


Alicia Matesa
My husband Lucas and I have been members of St. Joseph Parish for 10 years. We have four children, Haley (15), Ethan(12), Caleb(10), and Abigail(7). Haley is currently at a student at NDP and an altar server at 9 am Mass. Ethan attends St. Joseph School in the 7th grade and is a sports fanatic. Caleb is in the 4th grade at Jacksonville ES and loves lacrosse. Abigail will be making her first communion on May 11th. I am a former Baltimore County High School science teacher. I have been home raising our children since Haley was born. I have served on the parish council for the last two years and as the council representative to the St Joseph School board. I have worked as a CLOW leader for the last several years and enjoy working with the children. I am also involved with Home Based religious education. I have been in charge of the Outreach Program at Jacksonville Elementary school for nine years. I organize the Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas present drives as well as connect Jacksonville with their sister school in Essex. I have facilitated work with many organizations to help those in need. I am also active in the Carroll Manor Recreation Program, serving on the soccer board and coaching youth soccer. I have been inspired by my work with parish council over the last two years and would like to continue to help make St. Joseph an amazing place to worship. I am interested in continuing to help the parish grow as a family by connecting the different generations in their common love of God. I believe that St. Joseph Parish is an extremely welcoming place for all.

Celia McGrain
Having served the last two years on Parish Council as Recording Secretary, I would like you to know that it remains an interesting and enriching thing to do. Two years have flown! Among other things, the Council has the privilege of upholding the four pillars of the strategic plan. Have you read pillars lately? Phrases such as “authentic Catholic experience”, “inclusive community”, “spirited, vibrant and ever-growing” and “beacon of Christian witness” match my desire to grow in the deepening of my Catholic faith. It is a pleasure to serve with talented members of the Council who have similar desires. Besides Parish Council, I am also involved with Confirmation preparation, Eucharistic ministry, and a Lenten small group. On Sundays, you will find me at the 10:30 am Mass near the choir and then mingling at Joe’s Cafe. Continuing to serve and assist in the life and mission of St. Joseph as a member of Parish Council would be an honor. God’s will be done.

Stephen M. Milwicz, Sr.
My wife and I have been active members of St. Joseph Parish for over 40 years. When our children were young, I was a playground “mother” because shift work allowed me to be off during midday. As they grew into their teens, I worked with the youth group (CYM) and chaperoned many of their trips. In 1986 we were instrumental in starting the Appalachian Work Camp. I stopped attending work camp in 1992 but I resumed going again in 2013. Several of the teens I worked with in the beginning are now adults running the program with their own children. I have been a Eucharistic Minister since 1983 and Eucharistic Minister to the homebound since the 1990s. I am also a Lector. My wife and I have been involved with Marriage and Re-marriage Prep for 25 years. In the 1980s I was the Youth Committee representative to the parish council and later an elected member. I served a year as council chair. We have been on the Pastoral Care committee for more than 10 years. In 2008 we received the Archdiocese Medal of Honor. I have been an active part of St. Joseph Parish’s growth and would very much like to be a part of future growth. Now that I am retired from law enforcement, I have more time and believe my knowledge and experiences could benefit the parish.

Sean Priest
I would love your support in my election to the Parish Council. I joined the parish in February of 2017 when I moved here from Connecticut for work. I work as a Senior Software Developer for Travelers Insurance in Hunt Valley. Since moving here, I have worked with Chris Wesley to expand the parish’s outreach to young adults like myself. After college, we are left to venture on our own. This can be very difficult as we are faced with the challenges of trying to begin a career and learning to “adult” without an outlet to share our faith or to have fellowship with other young Catholics. I feel that my presence on the Parish Council can be an opportunity to help guide the parish in its outreach to young Catholics as well as be a voice for the future of the church. While serving on the Council is something I want to do, I also feel that God is calling me to serve Him through the Church. At one time, I thought that was going to be through the Priesthood. Yes, I know I would have been Father Priest and that would be quite humorous but it is not what He wants. I have longed for a spiritual home since I relocated to Maryland and I have found it here and I want to get to know this parish and its people more. As Paul told the Corinthians, there are different kinds of gifts but the same Spirit, and different forms of service but the same Lord; to each individual, the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit. I feel the gifts I have been given can be used immensely as a member of the parish council and that is why I hope I can count on your vote, for me as a member of the Parish Council.

Nancy Radday
My husband, Gil, and I have been parishioners at St. Joseph for approximately 3 years. We were delighted to find St. Joseph and the warm and spiritual parish it is. Our 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration, and later Gil’s funeral were wonderful life-giving liturgies. Volunteering in our churches and communities (we moved 7 times) has always been a part of my life starting in 8th grade when I watched the special needs students while their teachers had lunch. Then, there was going from teaching English to Chinese children in Chinatown, NYC to teaching English to members of the St. Joseph community. I have been a Eucharistic Minister at every church and, hopefully, soon I can say that I have been a Lector at every parish. I have taught Faith Formation from pre-school to high school and was the founding Director of Education at a parish in the Archdiocese of Hartford, CT where I researched, designed, and implemented a small group for 400 students in homes. Also, I started a Woman’s Service and Social Organization; helped start “Summer Spirit”, a children’s summer program; acted in our parish’s Passion Plays; and among other things, organized a Christmas Toy Collection for a poor parish in Newark, NJ while working part-time in their after-school program. After receiving my Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry and Counseling, I was able to assist the pastor in his counseling tasks. Then my work took me to the Diocese of Bridgeport to become the Assistant Diocesan Director of Faith Formation. In different states and parishes, we took unwed pregnant women into our home, as well as, students who needed a “time out”, while they and their parents received counseling. I worked the Hot Line, a counseling and referral service, drove women and their children to appointments, was a Le Leche Leader, and was frequently on the maternity floor. I’ve helped at Soup Kitchens, St. Vincent de Paul, and Mary’s Shelter (a home for new mothers and their babies when they had nowhere else to go), led a Girl Scout Troop and had several exchange students. Most importantly, I was a wife, am a mother of 3 children and 5 grandchildren who started out as a Middle School English teacher. I hope to use my skills, experiences, and talents to be sure that St. Joseph stays and improves itself to be the wonderful, spiritual “home” I’ve found.

Ashley Santo
My enthusiasm for enriching my spiritual life began in elementary school at Immaculate Conception and continued through middle and high school at Notre Dame Preparatory. I am also blessed to have a family of excellent role models for living the Catholic faith. Throughout my college years, I was active in the Newman Catholic Campus Ministry Centers at Salisbury University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In Chapel Hill, I also served as a catechist for confirmation prep which had a profound impact on my faith. As an adult, I feel very fortunate to have found St. Joseph Parish, which has allowed me to continue growing in my faith. I enjoy serving as a lector, small faith group leader in the high school youth ministry program (Underground), and most recently as a hospice volunteer at Stella Maris. I have also benefited from participating in the young adult small group, Alpha, which was just initiated in the fall. I am excited about the possibility of more small groups and similar opportunities for engaging parishioners in faith formation. As an active parishioner, I am excited about the potential opportunity to assist in working toward achieving the parish’s goals. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Towson University, I have experience with collaborative planning, research, and community engagement as well as serving in leadership positions. I believe these skills would allow me to contribute meaningfully to the Parish Council. I am excited about the action steps laid out in the parish’s Strategic Plan and hope to be able to serve as a member of the Parish Council.

Steve Sproul
My wife of 31 years and I have been members of St. Joseph Parish for 26 years. We are the proud parents of two sons, Dean (23 years) and Brett (20 years). Both of our sons have attended religious education through the St. Joseph Parish religious education program and have received/celebrated the Sacraments; Baptism through Confirmation with our faith community of St. Joseph Parish. My sons have been instilled with the virtues of service through our parish’s religious faith programs and Dean has given back to our faith community, by serving as a catechist teen aid for four years prior to attending college. St. Joseph Parish has been an instrumental part for both me and my wife in raising our children to be caring and loving citizens of our community and strong stewards of our faith. I currently serve on our parish council and would like to continue the work of preparing our parish for the future. It is in this spirit of service and stewardship to my parish and community as a whole, that I would like to again serve our parish, so that I may give back to the St. Joseph Parish community some of what it has given to me and my family over the past 26 years. I want to do my part in continuing the work of the St. Joseph Parish Council of making our parish a vibrant faith-based community.